Sunday, January 30, 2011

{return to childhood}

last night was movie night.

rookie of the year was the film of choice
please note this is from 1993...
it was a blast from the past... gosh.  the choices in hairstyles, clothing... hilarious!  it also got me to thinking about favorite movies from when i was a kid.  i LOVED the mighty ducks series (as far as i was concerned, i was all the girls in that movie kicking the boys' butts) , apollo 13 (i wanted to be an astronaut until i realized no one really lands on the moon anymore... lame), and of course, all the disney movies (but i never wanted to be a princess... think more mulan here).

watching it and just reliving a piece of childhood was interesting.  it took me back to being 6 years old and having the world at my fingertips.  my backyard turned into everything from the wild west and little house on the prairie, to a spaceship to an ocean.  i would sit in my basement and pretend i was bob ross painting 'happy little trees' and cleaning my brush by smacking it all over things (also add i sprayed paint EVERYWHERE... the things my parents did to let my creativity flow!).  i was an olympic gymnast AND equestrian rider all thanks to the family couch (the back made a great balance beam and the arms made great horses...) and i was outside so much it wasn't even funny.

don't get me wrong... growing up is kinda fun.  i get to make my own choices (cake for breakfast anyone?), i feel responsible and on top of things and like a 'real' person, but gosh... being a kid was great.  i guess all i can do is hope that i can still maintain child-like awe and wonder, trust God like i trusted my parents to just take care of things when i was little, and hope that i can give my own kids (one day in the far far future...) the same kind of exciting, innocent childhood i had.

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