Monday, January 31, 2011

{adventures of an old car}

today's post is about my lovely car.

her name is brownie (due to the hue that covers her inside and out... and she's from brown honda so she's got it tattooed on as what i refer to as her 'tramp stamp' )

if you can't tell from the pictures, she's an old girl... older than the freshmen and some of the sophomores in college to be more exact.  she would prefer to live in florida where it's nice and warm (although i'm glad we don't because she doesn't have ac) because in the winter, her joints get bad.

example a: as of recent, i've noticed when brownie goes over some bumps, she does this nice little creak, not totally unlike your grandma's joints.  it's not horribly loud, but i try to be a good car owner, so i took it somewhere in lex to get it looked at.  i took her in thinking 'oh, just a simple spring problem'. ha. jokes.  the nice young man (probably younger than brownie herself) came out and started rambling on and on about all this and that wrong with her.  all i saw was the end total: $2019.71.

i about passed out on the floor.

i wanted to say "did you see the sweet pink duct tape holding her siding on while the epoxy dries? have you ever looked at a kelly blue book value for a 92 honda accord?  have you looked up the top stolen cars in the united states?"  the answer to all those questions is: brownie's simply not worth $2019.17.

thankfully i have an amazing mechanic here in lexington... i probably see him more than i see some of my friends from back home, but that's fine.  if you ever have car problems, he's really the best.  he never exaggerates prices, is super quick, and honestly tells me when i don't need to have stuff done.  if you ever find yourself needing one, just ask me.  he's awesome and i would love to give him more business, i just can't keep giving him as much of mine!

say a prayer for brownie... she's an old girl.  i'm very thankful to have her, and one day, she'll make me appreciate a more reliable car so much more (although i will miss the character... just look at her one more time!)

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