Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Chocolate Kind of Day}

today has been one of those days... i don't like complaining and i don't mean for this blog to be a venting spot, but it's a good thing God invented chocolate because i need it today.

money is a stress of all college students i'm pretty sure, and i'm no exception.  between rent, food, utilities, school things (books, tuition, class expenses) and life in general, money seems to be a continual stressor.

i also woke up at 6 am and drove to work only to find that work was cancelled (awesome... no sleep for me!)

add to that i almost got killed (and i'm not exaggerating this) on the freeway today.  some trucker flew by me going over 80 on the freeway, then started getting into my lane before he had completely passed me.  i layed on the horn and slammed on my breaks (because not only did he cut me off, but he slowed down to 60 mph) and got in the other lane and quickly passed him.  he then continued to tail me for over 4 miles flashing his lights and being a big ol jerk.

i'm trying to find the joys in life today and things to be thankful.  it's not always easy, but it does puts things in perspective and changes how i think about things.  so here's my list of thanks:
snow... i love it, it's pretty and it makes me smile.
my eku girls... they are the most hilarious, funny people who make me laugh no matter what
uk basketball... in hope they beat auburn
my roommates... they listen to me when i cry and make me laugh and are just awesome girls
that boy of mine... he is so good to me and makes me a better person
brownie... she's a good ol girl and takes care of me (this is my car in case you were wondering...)
the fact i don't have class tomorrow... because that means sleep
i found one of my $100 books for $14... please see above whine about $
chocolate... enough said
finally...the ability to be thankful...  even when life is stressful and i feel like a failure or i'm stressed, i get reminded that Christ is bigger than all my worries and life goes on.  in the grand scheme of things, all my stressors are just little bumps on a very long journey.

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