Saturday, December 8, 2012

{goodbye ichthus}

the people who run ichthus announced the end of the music festival today.

what a bummer!

i have looked forward to, and enjoyed ichthus every year i've been blessed to go.  i have loved getting to volunteer with compassion international, spending my free time during the day telling people about the wonderful organization and my sweet little girl in Africa.

it's also a special place because it's where ian and i really started to get to know each other.  the summer we started hanging out, i mentioned i wanted to volunteer with someone at the compassion booth, and ian told me he was interested.  we spent a lot of time together there either behind a booth, or listening to music.  it's where i knew he was someone i could get along with really well.  the week after ichthus, he asked me out :)

and the past 2 years, we've served together with compassion as a couple.  i have come to look forward to seeing compassion workers from colorado, seeing the people who have volunteered year after year, and getting to watch people sponsor kiddos from around the world.

i'll miss ichthus.  there will always be a special place in my heart for the place that introduced me to so many wonderful people, and showed me what a wonderful man my future husband is :)

ichthus year 1

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