Friday, January 7, 2011

{Rant of the Day}

there are some things in life that just shouldn't be difficult.

buying sweatpants is one of those things.

sweatpants also happen to be a staple of grad school and college in general, so there should be quite a plethora of them for very cheap as we have no money!

what happened to the days of comfortable pants?  when i want to work out or lounge around, i don't want to worry about the fact my butt is hanging out for the world to see.  i also don't want to look like a boy.  this is where the dilemma lies.

sweatpants currently seem to come in 2 varieties: so-tight-you-can-see-everything or so-big-you-have-no-curves. 

am i being dramatic?  really, i just want to be able to work out in sweatpants that fit me (don't even get me started on the length... i feel like all my pants are 6 inches too long!)

{also a plea to my fellow girls... leggings are very cute when worn under dresses, even long shirts, but i must tell you, they're not pants.  as much as we all desire them to be, they're not}

my rant is done.  my quest to find the perfect sweatpants will continue another day

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