Sunday, October 30, 2011

{the wedding!}

my best friend is married!!!!!

it was such a beautiful day... the weather (while cold) was beautiful, the fall leaves were changing, the church and reception were decorated so well, and the bride and groom were so obviously in love... wonderful :)

katie, erica, whitney and i all got to spend one last night with katie as a single woman and had a wild night complete with watching baseball with her dad and painting our nails (we live wild lives...).  katie and i shared a twin bed for old time's sake, and it was a great night of just being with friends.

wilmore is adorable, and the best part about katie getting married there was everything was so close.  her hair, the flower shop, and the cake shop were all on the same street, which made life easy!  we met for pictures at 10, she and brad had a first look at 10:45, and then it was pictures and lunch and relaxing until the ceremony.  kj did a great job and i'm pretty sure we all cried.

the reception was beautiful- katie's mom and aunts did an amazing job on the room- full of pumpkins, mums and fall-themed colors.  katie and brad opened with a dance (way to go brad... you are a good man for learning a choreographed dance for your new wife), the food was good, the cake was good, and they had a live band- funk seminary- and they were fabulous!

after some dancing and some laughs, they took off in a fancy rolls royce and this time today, they're off in the sunshine on a cruise!

it was a beautiful day, and i'm so happy for katie.  i have the greatest friends in the worlds, hands down (and beautiful to boot!).  God has made me a very blessed girl.

gorgeous sunset on the way to the rehearsal.  i like to think God was smiling on us :)

rehearsal dinner

my best friend is gorgeous.

so are my other best friends.

first dance

look at that kid... love her!

my mama came :)  we don't look alike or anything...

you're married!

ian and i carved pumpkins!  an owl and uk :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

{google and pinterest}

dear google,
thank you for existing.  you make my life as a grad student easier.  you help me find answers, you hold my mail, you give me fun blogs to read and write, you own youtube (i should have put that first...)

some how, you're especially great while attempting to study.

so in short, thank you for being so wonderful in grad school.

now try not to distract me too much.  but find all the answers to my questions.

ok thanks.

my second thanks is to pinterest.

you are also wonderful.  you give me fun crafty things that make me feel thrifty and artsy!  i've made laundry detergent, dish detergent, planned a shower, made homemade febreeze, designed cute nails, found delicious recipes and tonight, made my own wallflower.

it's great.  my room now smells fresh and happy AND apparently i'm saving myself from lots of harmful chemicals.  who doesn't like that?  oh... and it cost me basically nothing.  heck yes.

so google, pinterest, thanks.  keep up the good work :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

{it's cold}

wellll we all knew it was going to happen.

fall in ky lasted all of 2 weeks.  the past 2 days it's been rainy and cold and slightly miserable.  the type of weather that makes you want to curl up in a blanket with a warm beverage and do nothing.  too bad i have to work.  a hospital setting just doesn't have room for a snuggie (judge me) or a blanket or even a sweatshirt.  it's depressing really!  it's also made me sleep like a bear going into hibernation.  
for real though!  monday night i was asleep by 10:45.  tuesday 11. i know i wake up early and all that jazz, but 10:45 is old woman.  ugh.  i'm getting old :-/

on a happier note, today was a good day at work.  i got to see my favorite patient, emily and i did a modified on our own, and we got off early.

tomorrow is friday, saturday i work a football game, and hopefully the weather gets a bit warmer!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

{girl time}

it has been a weekend for the books!  friday started off with getting off work early and heading to keeneland's college day with my lovely friend and coworker, emily!  heck yes for off work by lunch, getting free tshirts and food and enjoying a beautiful day outside!

then it was off to the pumpkin patch with my friend ashley and her husband.  it was the most gorgeous day to spend outside  with friends!
how cute is that baby bump???? 

saturday was the day of reuniting :)  my best friend will be married in 2 weeks.  it's crazy and wonderful and exciting!  it also means all 4 of us get to be in the same place at the same time... i have the most wonderful, beautiful, smart, fabulous best friends a girl could ask for, and i'm so thankful God allowed us time together before katie gets married!  saturday started with a trip to the glitz.  if you've never been, it's in nonesuch, ky (yes, it exists) and the glitz is all things girl.
you see this when you walk in
we had a fabulous lunch and enjoyed walking around looking at all the cool/crazy/unique antiques around the building

'puffer fish'
saturday we stayed up chatting, crafting and cooking for katie's bridesmaid shower.  i made some delicious cookie dough truffles... go here for the recipe...

goodness i miss girl time!  there's nothing like having amazing friends.  i love them and this weekend was perfect.

sunday was church all together for the first time in years, getting ready for the shower, and then celebrating!
all set up

the spread of food

cookie dough truffles

some table decorations

we played a mustache/tiara game.  pictures were great :)

my beautiful best friend... sporting both tiara and mustache
it was a crazy, but fabulous weekend.  i was blessed with beautiful weather, beautiful friends, and a beautiful life.  i am beyond blessed!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{rainy days}

rainy days are great for sleeping... except for the fact i have a job.  boo.

i guess the once in a while, never seeing the outdoors isn't a bad thing since i didn't know it was raining until one of my observers from uk showed up a little damp.  still, even just knowing that made me want to sleep.  is that pathetic?

today was a good day though... did some bedsides, fixed my patient's dynavox again... didn't blow this one up!  his family was super happy too, which i love :)

ate some chinese for lunch today (delish)
and got off early.  happy day!

then i took brownie to the doctor because she sees my mechanic more in one year than i see the doctor in about 5 years.  but good news... something's going out, but it doesn't need fixed yet!  and gosh, i love my mechanic for telling me the honest truth.  i was already told by one place another joint needed replaced (it didn't he said), and he told me if i plan on selling it, don't bother fixing it.  bless that man's soul for saving a poor, broke college student money!  if you need a mechanic, go to him.  he's awesome.

and now a night with the boy!  goodness grad school makes us two busy people.  even when we get to hang out, one of us is studying (and it's usually the more studious, responsible one... cough... ian....cough).

it's thursday, people... one more day to the work week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

{long weekends}

dear columbus,
thank you for finding america and giving me a holiday!  not so great of you to kill lots of locals, think you're super cool and tell everyone you found america when you really didn't, but way to go being adventurous!
regardless, the va observes all federal holidays, so i got a long weekend!  and it was much needed...

yesterday ian and i got to go to his mom's house for the afternoon, which is always fun!  we ate and hung out for a while, then came home and watched some football.  and my roommate brought home a puppy!  he's super cute- a beagle/border collie mix and i'm pretty much in love.

today i slept in a bit, studied, took an exam, mowed the hay field in my backyard (it was far too long... oops!) and enjoyed sitting all day (and updating the look of my blog!)

i finished some art projects i've needed to work on for this weekend (pics to come after...) and just enjoyed being in the home i pay for but never seem to see!

ahhh federal holidays... back to the grind tomorrow!

Friday, October 7, 2011

{fall, not fall}

well ky weather is always a bit of a gamble... one day it can be perfect fall weather, then the next it can be back to summer.  oh well.  we get all 4 seasons, so i'll settle with that!

last weekend was a fall-ish weekend, so the boy and i made soup.  i like that we both like soup.  it's great. you can make a big batch of it pretty easily, then eat off it for a few days!

this one was delish too..

it's a box of chicken broth + a can of cream of chicken soup.  you put in 3 whole breasts of chicken and let it cook for an hour.  then you take out the chicken and shred it, add 2 cans of rotelle, some black beans, some chopped cilantro and an avocado, let it cook for ~10 more minutes, add some lime, maybe some cheese, and voila!

it tasted like amazing mexican soup.
next time it gets cold, try it.

in other news, it's been a busy week... grad school and working will do that to you!

my sister's on her way here, i get to babysit my munchkins tonight, and ian and i are in charge of midnight pancakes.  i'm getting to old for this stuff, but i'll brave the trenches of college freshmen for a night ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba}

no... i didn't just make up words... i finally got to see lion king in 3d! (now you're looking back to my title and you're singing it, aren't you?)

yesterday was a great day... i got off work at 11:30, came home, and slept.  it was WONDERFUL.
then i went with katie to her dress fitting... they took it in too much :(  if you don't know katie, we're essentially the same size, so for someone to take a dress in too much, they took it in a lot.  so that was kind of a bummer, but they'll get it fixed!  she could wear a paper bag to her wedding and look beautiful...

after that, i picked up some chinese because i've been craving it all week and headed over to ians.  

then it was off to the lion king!

we both have a mutual love for this movie, which is great.  it took me back to my 7-year old self, listening to the first cd i got (lion king... and celion dion.  i had some taste!), and the joys of childhood.   i could watch it over and over again, and in 3d, it was great :)  i wanted to sing along to every song, but refrained until we got back to his house, where i found all the songs on spotify (which if you don't have, download... it's like itunes and pandora mixed to perfection!) and we had a concert.

it was nice to have a fun date night with the boy!  and i got to sleep in this morning b/c we don't have a home football game!  the start to a lovely weekend
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