Monday, January 24, 2011

{birthday weekend}

disclaimer: i am not the biggest fan of birthdays...

this is not to say that i don't like celebrating my birthday, BUT i tend to feel like your parents should be congratulated... let's be honest, they're the real reason most of us make it through another year!  they did the work!  still, it's nice to be congratulated on another year of life!

with that being said, last friday was my birthday and it was wonderful :)  on friday we got tons of snow, resulting in me being able to sleep in AND i don't have class so i was a lazy bum alllll day
that was followed with dinner with the boy at applebees (add to this we BOTH got free sundaes because our server didn't want to sing, and i was perfectly ok with that!) and then on to csf for the "coolest dance party ever".  i felt quite old being officially 24 and being surrounded by 17-18 year olds, but i got to hang out with friends, eat some snow cones, and made people (specifically ian) play 'just dance' and it was hilarious! *the boy who 'can't dance' even beat me and we all know how competitive i am... someone's been hiding sweet dance moves from me for the past few months....*

saturday came my birthday present: anberlin in columbus!!!!!

i love anberlin.  they have very few songs i don't love and we were supposed to see them at ichthus this summer but their bus broke down :(

they were in columbus which also means i got to be home for my birthday!

the concert was amazing...  hello sold out concert!
beginning the long, long wait for anberlin!

not the best shot, but one of the best bands to see in concert!

the concert was great... anberlin doesn't have bad songs to play and they did a great mix of old and new songs.  it was such a great way to spend my birthday, and i'm so thankful for great people in my life that i got to spend friday and saturday with!!!!

thank you everyone who made my birthday special!  i have the greatest people in my life hands down :)

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