Thursday, January 27, 2011

{class of friends}

i have such a unique group of people i go to school with.

it's great because we are not just classmates, but we're friends.
that doesn't happen a lot with school.  sure, you spend a lot of time with those people, and you obviously have similar interests since you're going to school for the same thing, but i'm very blessed... at eku, i feel like our class has something special.

we like each other.

like genuinely we like hanging out, laughing, and being weird together.

it's totally normal to come into the workroom that we're constantly in and see a group of girls huddled around a computer laughing at youtube videos.  before tests, we come up with transformer names for each other because that's totally normal.  we do things like go out to lunch, hang out at each other's houses, and be so loud and obnoxious people stare at us as we go down the hallways.

it's great.  it makes school more than just a place to come and learn.  i feel like i have girls who back me up, challenge my thinking, help me to become a better therapist, and just be there for me.

i'm so blessed with the girls i get to spend all day every day with and i'm so thankful for all the joy they bring to my life

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