Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i have a confession to make.

it's slightly lame, so don't make fun...

a while back, i tried this stuff that was on sale at cvs.  it's called organix self-heating coconut oil and it was supposed to make my hair more moisturizing or something.  it did make my hair feel good, but better than that, it smelled amazing!

fast forward to monday night...

i had to sit through a lovely, lovely (emphasis here) night class and had just been in a mood all day, and i had to stop at walmart to get some stuff for therapy.  i found the coconut conditioner on sale!

you can call me lame and make fun of me, but it seriously turned my day around.  i used it and the whole bathroom smelled like an island, and considering ky is seeing it's fair share of snow right now, that was all i needed to smile!

let's hope i can find this on sale again!  preferably after another fun day... :)

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