Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love Snow!

ok.  so i know a lot of people in lexington are done with snow.

little known fact... i turn into a 5 year old when it snows.  and i love it.

have you ever looked at snow?  and i'm not talking about the 'ugh... it's snowing again outside' look but really looked at it... it's beautiful!  each one is different, each one has it's own little shapes, sizes, and design.  
you can't argue with anyone... God made snow really cool.

i also love snow because you get to play in it like a 5 year old and no one will say a darn thing!  recently, my roommates and i took advantage of a snow day and made a desperate plea for a certain uk player.  the ncaa failed to listen to our wonderful creative appeal, but whatev.  they're dumb, we're awesome.  enough said!

finally (and anyone who goes to uk will hate me for this one...) i get snow days when it snows.  
and to earn these snow days, i do snow dances, sleep with my pj's inside out and backwards, and throw an ice cube over my shoulder out into the yard.  yes, like i said.  i am 5 years old.

while i don't like the cold, i love the snow.  it's perfect and amazing and wonderful and i am so very very happy when it comes!

in addition, tonight it's the reason i'm missing dysphagia!  and i won't explain what that is (you can look it up if you're really intrigued) but it is a very, VERY wonderful thing i don't have to go to class tonight!!!!

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