Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{our random night}

Ian and I have been looking for a place to live... We have a few front runners, but we don't make decisions quickly.  I once had great advise given to me that you should drive around a potential home at night to see how it is sans daylight. Because we were near one of the potential places late one night (11 is late to me these days...), we figured, why not.
This place is townhome plaza. There are tons of them, and that is it. Not the prettiest, not the worst, but picture that in your brain. Our particular place is on a deadend.
While driving on this deadend street at 11 at night, a man comes out carrying a huge box and flags us down. A bit confused, we stop and roll down a window. Who is on a deadend street at 11 carrying a box? Why, a potential neighbor who offers us 10 lbs of bread, of course! Not exaggerating people, a huge box of bread, with an extra bag. I honestly don't even eat bread that often, but he explains he usually takes it to his church, but they don't need it, so he wanted to give it away.
We decide although we have no need for 10 lbs of bread, we could find someone who did, and took it to the hope center, but really... How random!?
I guess the benefit is if we move there we'll have at least one nice neighbor!

The adventures in moving...
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