Friday, December 21, 2012


I love this season :) I love the job, the celebration, and the reminder of Christ entering the world as a tiny baby born into chaos, hardship, and still, joy. I love Christmas traditions- decorating the tree, driving to look at Christmas lights, baking cookies... Today I did some Christmas wrapping, artsy presents, and listening to Christmas music.
4 days til Christmas! Hope you're ready!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


There is not a person who wasn't affected by Friday. I had to turn off the news. One of the other slp's, the ot and I just cried in our office. It sounded similar to our school, those babies were a year or 2 years older than my kiddos. We are teachers. Ask 90% of teachers- they would not hesitate to lay down their life for their students. We love our kids.

It is easy to lose hope in society when things like this happen, but then again, it is a reminder good is in the world following the tragedy. There was a man who bought 100 cups of coffee from a local store in newtown, there have been vigils all over the us, victor cruz didn't just publically show support for one of th families, but took time to go visit them and be with them. There is hope for good in this world.

Sunday, at church, they had a video that made me cry. Kids who love other kids make me do that.... I see hope and pure love in them, they get it. This kid gives me hope for our future, because he puts another child ahead of himself. Watch and grab a tissue...

This is why I love my job- I see kids love on other kids who may be a little different. We could all take some lessons

Friday, December 14, 2012

{prayers and pain}

When we heard about the school shooting, we sat in our office and cried.

Those kids could have been our kids. In reality, they are about 2 years older than my babies I see at school. The thought of someone taking the life of one of my kids just breaks my heart.
Thoughts and prayers are with the families and teachers of the kids in that school. I cannot imagine the pain they feel. I'm honored to work with kids, and thankful I have a job I can get so connected to kids in, but this hits close to home...

Praying God provides healing in Connecticut

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{a day in the life of preschool}

i feel like the past few days, my life has epitomized preschool.

yesterday, my favorite ot and i worked with a little friend with messy play and ended up covered in glue and shaving cream.  we found it in the weirdest places- on our shoes, our elbows (even though we had long sleeved shirts on), my back... also add that i smelled like a man (a clean man, but still a man).

today, in the morning, i saw a little friend who happened to be a bit drippy in the nose area.  no one bothered to mention to me until 2:30 in the afternoon, after 3 meetings with parents, that i had snot marks in 4 separate areas across my shirt and vest.


this is my life. and people wonder why none of us at the preschool ever look very nice...

through it all, i love my job... wouldn't pick another one if i could!  i'll take it, snot, shaving cream, glue and everything in between.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

{goodbye ichthus}

the people who run ichthus announced the end of the music festival today.

what a bummer!

i have looked forward to, and enjoyed ichthus every year i've been blessed to go.  i have loved getting to volunteer with compassion international, spending my free time during the day telling people about the wonderful organization and my sweet little girl in Africa.

it's also a special place because it's where ian and i really started to get to know each other.  the summer we started hanging out, i mentioned i wanted to volunteer with someone at the compassion booth, and ian told me he was interested.  we spent a lot of time together there either behind a booth, or listening to music.  it's where i knew he was someone i could get along with really well.  the week after ichthus, he asked me out :)

and the past 2 years, we've served together with compassion as a couple.  i have come to look forward to seeing compassion workers from colorado, seeing the people who have volunteered year after year, and getting to watch people sponsor kiddos from around the world.

i'll miss ichthus.  there will always be a special place in my heart for the place that introduced me to so many wonderful people, and showed me what a wonderful man my future husband is :)

ichthus year 1

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