Tuesday, May 21, 2013


life is so full of changes right now. it is fun and exciting :)

our count down is 11 days right now.  in true kellie and ian form, we started comparing our wedding countdown in relation to an NBA game.  we started the countdown at 48 days til the wedding, and sectioned it out into quarters. we're a weird couple, but it works. all of a sudden, we're in the final quarter. all major details are done (we think and hope!), and now we just get to get excited!

we also moved most of our stuff into our new town home.  that was an adventure in itself.  i am not an organized person. it is one of the many traits of ians that i hope to adopt. i also brought most of the furniture and appliance-type things, so my move from my little one bedroom place was a little daunting. luckily, we had lots of help from friends and family, and got everything from my house, and the big things from ian's house over in 1 trip!
the adventure came when i realized there was no water on in the house, although the water company assured us it was on. it wasn't. until today.  i felt like i was camping in my house, which was ok for day one and two, but by day 3 and 4, i was done.  crisis averted, the people at the water company felt bad for poor little me and sent someone over to turn the switch today.
now comes the fun of organizing everything.

tomorrow is also my last day of work for the year! i am so looking forward to just sleeping in. i have big plans on thursday to spend my day in bed catching up on tv shows i've missed and sleeping in as late as i want!

t-minus 11 days. 11 days until i marry my best friend.  11 days until i get to share this big house with a roommate.  11 days until i live with a boy!!!! so thankful for this season and all it taught me :)  thankful for the man God blessed me with
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