Sunday, April 24, 2011

{soooo busy}


it has been a crazy weekend... crazy, but so, so good :)

friday was one of my favorite holidays: EARTH DAY!  it's a day where i can be a total hippie and it's encouraged!  i started out my day wishing all of my middle schooler's a happy earth day (they think i'm crazy, i like it that way) and THEN heading to....

the ale 8 factory!  if you aren't from kentucky and don't know what ale 8 is, you're so missing out.  it's amazing and delicious and so kentucky.  i've always wanted to tour the factory, so after being here for 6 years, i finally made it!  it was quite fun :)

after that, i took ian to his first earth day celebration at uk.  it's great... we got free food, more free ale 8, i made a seed bomb, and we got free earth day shirts for signing up to help clean out a stream next weekend!  sooo fun

after that, we got our free starbucks for having refillable mugs (heck yes), then headed to c-bus!

while in columbus, ian experienced his first mushroom hunt AND found a dead deer.. a 10 point buck, which my father fastened to the front of our jeep.  it's hick, i love my family :)

we went to church, got to see a lot of my family, watched some baby chicks hatch (my mommy raises them for her preschool)

 and got to celebrate easter and the hope of the resurrection of Jesus :)

it was a very wonderful weekend and i'm so thankful for Jesus and the reason to celebrate!

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