Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{adventures blowing things up}

i once thought i was decent with technology.  i mean,  i grew up typing, i've had gadgets all over the place from ipods to cameras to phones and computers.  all that have functioned without too much difficulty.

that was until i met the dynavox.
it's this really neat little device that is like a computer, but the thing at the bottom uses your pupils to tell where you're looking, so you can control the whole thing with your eyes.  super neat, right!?

here's the problem.  it has stumped us in multiple ways.  we can't make new buttons, we can't get it to charge right, blah blah blah.
so my job today was to #1. get the practice one we have in the clinic fixed to do just that... practice.  sounds simple, right?  it wasn't turning on or charging right, or something beyond my capabilities of understanding, so i called the company.  the kid thought i was the stupidest person to ever walk this earth. he literally told me to plug it in.  hello.  i'm getting my master's.  so we get past the fact that i've plugged it in and it's still not working.  i end up taking the thing apart, plugging, pushing, entering random things.  so i go to plug the little eye gaze part at the bottom in.

suddenly there's a high-pitch this-makes-me-want-to-tear-my-teeth-out sound coming from the charger. i explain this to the boy on the phone who thinks i'm an idiot, and he tells me OH it's obviously the charger that's bad.  then i hear a pop.  and smell THE WORST smell you have ever smelled in your life.  think burning fart mixed with skunk.  that bad.  i almost gagged on the phone.  so i immediately unplug the device... guess who just blew up a $2000 piece of equipment.  this girl.  while on the phone with tech support.  and it wasn't even lunch.  and the smell lingered.

if that doesn't make for an exciting morning, i don't know what will.

btw, problem #2. was eventually explained to me.  couldn't try it b/c of a broken practice machine, but who knows... maybe it'll work.  otherwise, get ready for me tech support!  i'm coming back for ya!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{busy bee}

it's been a very busy week.
work is always busy, the bible study katie and i are doing started this week, i worked the football game all day yesterday, and little bits of life just keep piling up.

i want to be a joyful person.  i don't want to get bogged down with work and stress.  i want to enjoy life!

it's fall, one of my favorite seasons.  i want to enjoy the smell of leaves and the crispness of the air and getting to wear sweaters and boots.  my roommate is getting married in less than a month, and i want to celebrate this season of life with her and enjoy the happiness around her wedding.  i want to savor the last half of my internship at the va and learn as much as i can while i'm there, even though it's hard work 99% of the time.

life is a gift.  God sends His love in a beautiful sunrise and the fact that i'm alive to see it again. He sends it in the life-giving warmth of the sun, but also in the gentle cooling breeze.  He sends it in my patients and their families when they see a loved one say or do something they haven't been able to do for a long time, and i see that happiness and thankfulness on their faces.  He sends it with the people i care about most as they reflect Christ in how they treat me.

although i'm busy, i want to be joyful.  it's not always easy, but i'm trying.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


without getting too much into detail, work is hard.  i know i'm learning, but some days i just feel like no matter what i do, i'm not getting it.

i know i'm a student still, i know i'm learning, and i pray this all gets better.  i know it will.

today it's the little things that make me smile and be thankful for the experience, my family and friends, and the life i lead.

today i look forward to a new day tomorrow and a second (or third or fourth) chance to get it right.

Friday, September 16, 2011

{the little things you choose to not believe}

i've learned a lot throughout my life.

it's funny how many of the things you learn, you don't really take to heart until you experience them.

things like 'one day you'll appreciate this' (usually coming from parents), or 'chemistry may make you cry now, but it doesn't really matter later on in life' (chem, what?), or 'you have the most time while you're in undergrad'.

the last is my current learned experience.

even last year in grad school i thought i was busy.  i thought i hardly had time to do anything.  then i started working and doing grad school.  how do people do this in the real world????

i love working.  really, i do.  and maybe it's because i'm still getting used to things.  or maybe because i'm working (fo free), so then i have another little job on the weekends, and then i have 2 online classes, and then i'm trying to study for comps, BUT i feel like a mad woman.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS (anyone not working).  enjoy your time as a student.  enjoy your time on campus.  enjoy your days when you can take a lunch, take a nap, or you get a day off.

it ends.  quickly.

you'll probably just learn this like i did though ;)  the hard way.

Monday, September 12, 2011

{strawberry basil lemonade}

ignore the fact that this picture is sort of terrible.

the lemonade itself is amazing.  and super easy.

i love basil.  i have a basil plant and it is going absolutely crazy.  therefore, i've been trying to come up with creative things to do with it.

here's what you do:
make a pitcher of lemonade.  i like pink, but only because it looks prettier.  lame?  i don't care.

take some strawberries (3 or 4... frozen or fresh)
put a handful of basil (like my hand.  not demarcus cousin's hand.  but if you like basil, call up demarcus and see if he can lend you a hand)
put them in a food processor (add some lemonade to give some liquid).   or if you're broke, a magic bullet.  essentially, something that grinds.

grind it all up for a few seconds til everything is good and pulverized.

mix it into the lemonade, and let it get cold.

hello summer!

try it.  it's amazing :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

{football, weddings, 9/11}

football season is here!  saturday i was up bright and early for my new job parking at football games.

it's been determined after a 5 hour shift, that my job is not needed.  i'm 'crowd control' and 'parking nazi' (i.e. i make sure no one takes up more than 1 parking spot), and i'm in the older crowd parking lot.  like most of the people have had season tickets for at least 10-30 years.  they're real wild.
i spent my time walking around rather bored, and coming up with creative answers when old people asked what my job was.  i came up with everything from flag twirler to parking extraordinaire to the parking spot enforcer.  kentucky people are sure generous; i was offered no fewer than 10 beers.  needless to say, next weekend's game (which requires me to be at commonwealth from 7-7) is going to be a long day.  feel free to come visit me in the blue lot.

in other news, i've been diagnosed with carpal tunnel.  i've been having pain and numbness for like 4 weeks now, and it's super annoying and painful.  i get to take arthritis medicine like an old woman, so that's exciting. 

my old roommate got married on saturday!  megan and i lived together at waller (there were 8 of us... hello crazy!) and she looked absolutely beautiful.  i wish i had a picture of her and her new husband, but guess who's a ditz and brought the camera minus the battery.  it was so fun to catch up with people i never get to see anymore, and a good reminder of all the great friends i have in my life :)  we spent the night dancing away and enjoying life.

today is september 11th.  it's hard to believe that 10 years ago, i was a freshman in hs sitting in math class when a kid came in saying the world trade centers were on fire.  little did we know that that day would forever stick in our minds.  today is a reminder of how precious life is.  a reminder of where our priorities should lie- not in our jobs, not in our education, not in our money, but in the relationships we've built, our families and our friends, and most importantly, our relationship with Christ.  today is a day to remember to pray for our leaders, to pray for our military, to pray for our 1st responders.  today is a day to remember those who lost someone special, and to remember that we live in a great country.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{growing up and fall}

i love fall.  fall means jackets, sweaters, fall-scented candles, pumpkins, warm blankets, and pretty colors!

this fall is my beautiful roommate's wedding :)  i'm getting more and more excited about it!

tonight, i got to go over and have dinner and some hangout time with her and her fiance.  katie made angel hair pasta with roasted eggplant and diced tomatos.  it was delicious... i was super impressed!

it also made me realize how much i miss living with her!  life is changing.  quick!  i'm so excited for her, she's marrying a great guy who loves her dearly, but life is changing.  my best friend is getting MARRIED.  in a little more than a month!  a month! :)

i work a more than full-time job, i have classes, i have to dress like an adult, i have to manage my time, i have errands.  weiiiiird.  when did this happen?

i also presented on a patient at staffing today.  that sounds super impressive to me.  it wasn't really a big deal, but it may be the most 'grown-up' 'i'm-a-semi-almost-real-speech-therapist' thing i've done yet.  be impressed.  be very impressed. (or pretend to be ;) )

now for the most adult thing all day... an early bedtime.

and just incase you want a relief from 'adulthood', katie shared some super fabulous videos tonight to relax and laugh at...

Monday, September 5, 2011

{i love holidays}

happy labor day!

it was so nice to just sleep in today... it's the little things in life!

it has been a great weekend... saturday, sam, lauren, mike, vanna and i went to the louisville science center.  i have a fun picture of all of us, BUT the camera/mac is being silly today and won't link up...

we were by far the oldest kids there, so all the workers were super excited to educate us.  mostly b/c #1. we were old enough to understand all that they were telling us, but mostly #2. we were too old to just walk off.  darn being 'mature' and having to listen to a 20 minute lecture about catapults only to have a little kid come up at the last minute and get to pull the thing.  still, it was super fun!  then it was off to swim at mike's parents house with some grilled food for dinner and game night where the boys beat us as usual in cranium.

sunday was church and relaxing around the house.  i got to hang out with my favorite kiddos, which is always a blast :)  claire dressed up like a princess, complete with tiara and gloves (keep in mind she won't let anyone touch her hair, so the only thing that keeps it out of her face is the crown.  only claire.) caleb colored and wouldn't let me peek til it was done.  the evening was filled with much laughing, much running, and so much fun.

i love this child!
 hope everyone enjoys their holiday! 

also this is post 100!!!

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