Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{i have a new home!}

sugar creek is no more
we have left the ghetto
i really love my new place.  it's perfect for what i need right now- it's mine and it feels like home.

i had some great help moving- they got everything moved out and moved into the new place in about 2 hours.  thanks!!!!  pictures will be coming soon of gray hawk, but i need some more time to decorate :)

i'm on the second level which is great- i feel very safe and it's quiet.  i also have a cute little back porch, and even though it's right off alumni, there's a nice big tree that keeps things a little more private and quiet.  i feel very settled already, which is unusual for me.  it usually takes me a while to unpack and set up, but everything came together really quickly!  for once in my life, i feel like everything has a place (i don't even have things hidden in closets or anything!).

now i'm just getting excited about decorating.  i have some ideas in my head, but i know it needs a while to just come together.  i really want to have lexington artwork in my place.  nicer stuff than college housing decorations.  i'm excited about the prospect of finding little gems and slowly making this place even more 'my own'.

come visit!  i have a sofa bed and it's ready for people to stay on it :)

it feels good to be home.


  1. this the apartments that Brit, Aly, and Katrina lived in?!

    And your mention of gray hawk makes me miss my good ol' town home on gray hawk!!

  2. It is!!! I took over Brittany's lease :) I remember your town home! this is such a nice area... I can see why you guys loved it so much!


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