Monday, January 17, 2011

{Adventures in Renting}

ahhh the joys of renting...

there are a few benefits to renting (we'll look at the positives first):
#1. it's cheap (maybe not over the long run, but in the short term when none of us make money sufficient to buy anything especially an investment like a house, it's great)
#2. you get to live with lots of people and it's super fun and there's rarely a dull moment
#3. you don't have to worry about maintenance.

ohhhh kellie just made a funny with #3

before i begin, please let me state that i love my roommates, i like our little townhouse (it isn't the nicest, but it's not bad for what we pay!), and i'm very thankful i have a roof over my head and i don't have to worry too much about things like break-ins or theft.

with that being said... maintenance is a funny thing around these parts.
i've come to discover that being a landlord has come to mean that you can be picky about what you fix and what you don't.  when we lived at waller, we fought tooth and nail for 1. a fridge that didn't seal or keep things cold (only a slight problem!?) and 2. an ac/heater unit that's only slightly important when your house is built with paper thin walls and we live in the land of bitter cold winters and sweltering summers
landlords number 2... they actually have written into their lease that they don't take care of drains.  i've become quite good at snaking drains, and katie's become quite the sink fixer.  they also tried to charge us for ac repairs and i'm currently on week 2 of waiting for my hot water heater to be fixed (cold showers = great in the summer... winter?  not so much...)

let me tell you.... youtube has some AWESOME videos on home diy and i'm becoming quite handy.

some would say this would prepare me for later in life when i own a house?  let's hope so... maybe then i'll call up johnnie and thank him for all the practice.

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