Monday, January 10, 2011

{Meals for a Week!}

                i love soup.
this is wonderful because soup is 1. cheap and 2. easy and 3. makes large portions.
it is also the perfect winter food because it's surprisingly filling, but you can make it fairly healthy!

today is soup day due to the fact that i start classes tonight and we're supposed to get a huge storm (i was also taking up most of the freezer with my bags of frozen veggies... sorry roomies!)
this winter i've made taco soup (my personal favorite), chicken and dumplings, and today is venison vegetable soup!

venison... yes... bambi.  and this is no ordinary bambi...

this is the special deer whom i lovingly refer to as RKD.  i believe this is the last of good RKD (which is sad).  what does RKD stand for you ask?  why roadkill deer of course!
yes... this is the deer my father saw while driving around one of hilliards (yes... hilliard... they very suburban town i grew up in) many roundabouts that had been hit by a car, leaving it with broken legs.  my father, the animal lover (and avid hunter) called the police in hopes they would come put it out of it's misery.  they said they were busy for a few hours, he asked if he could do it (without discharging a gun... that's illegal and dangerous but i'll spare you the details) they said sure, do you want the meat?  he said of course, called my mother to 'put the plastic in the back of the odyssey, we're having bambi for dinner' and proceeded to put the deer out of it's misery.  *please note that people in hilliard rarely see deer, much less one killed and field dressed on the side of a busy street....this is my family whom i love and adore*

anyway... here's the end result of good ol RKD!  hope he treats me well with dinner for the next few weeks!

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