Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Oh Zumba}

i have decided it's time to start working out again...

i used to be very into running, but over the past few years, it's been harder and harder to motivate myself.

since i work at the y, i get a free pass and i figured i should start using it (love the y, pay's not great, so the free pass makes me feel like i'm getting more of my money's worth...)

after attempting to start running a few times and failing to keep it up, i decided to look into classes.  zumba has always sounded fun to me, so i decided to try it.  i went to a few classes and it was a blast!  sad part is neither of the teachers i went to have classes when i can go (thanks night class).
there is one teacher who teaches in the mornings who i decided to try out.

it is humorous.  i am the youngest by... oh... 20 years?  this makes the class so much more entertaining.  while i do often feel like i'm doing jazzercise to latin music, i get great joy and confidence boosts out of the fact that i look amazing shakin my hips next to 60 year olds.  add to this that quite a few of the women bust out neon colored belly dancer skirts, and my wednesday mornings are now hilarious.

'it's just because she has young hips' (as overheard from 2 of the old women who were apparently jealous of my dancing abilities ;) )

if you ever need a confidence boost, come hang out with me and my old lady zumba class.  it's fabulous!

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