Thursday, January 6, 2011

{One of the many joys: Breaks}

there are many times i don't like being a student... exams, homework, late nights, weird hours, poor eating/workout habits... the list can continue, but when it comes to christmas break, spring break, fall break, or any other kind of break, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing!

i love breaks for many reasons. i work very very early during the school year (i wake up at 6 to go hang out with middle schoolers... future employers, this is dedication at it's best because not only is it early, but did you see 'middle schoolers'?). this means they get breaks too and i get to sleep in! mind you, waking up at 6 means if i make it til 8:30 or 9 i am so well rested it's not even funny!
i also love breaks because i don't have class work. that is pretty obvious, but who knew grad school would be hard for different reasons than undergrad? i don't have as much homework (thank you profs!) but the expectations are much higher. i have to do well on tests and it's not just the regurgitating stuff i did before, i have to legit know it.
reason #3 i love breaks? i get me time! i read books 1-5 of harry potter over break. i got to see my friends and family. i got to stay up late and watch movies (i chronically fall asleep during the school time, so it's a feat for me to stay awake through a whole movie!)

although i love my breaks dearly, the nerd in me is almost ready to go back to school. i like routines. i like seeing my friends from eku (i haven't heard a good eastern ky accent in FAR too long). i like my teachers- they're probably the best there are. i might even be excited about the classes i get to take (i may retract this statement in oh.... 3 weeks?)

regardless, it has been a wonderful break. it's one of the many perks about still being a student, but alas, my time has come to return to wallace 234 and spend my days in the same seat next to the same wonderful classmates!

wish me luck!

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