Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{The Joys of COFFEE!}

i have many simple things that i adore... i am a simple girl who is not hard to make happy.
one of my favorite simple pleasures is coffee.

this may not come as a terrible shock... i'm a college student, coffee tends to be a staple, especially around exams and project due dates, but the more i drink it, the more i simply enjoy it!

it's a good wake up call in the morning, it can keep you up at night, and sometimes, i like to just drink it because it tastes good.
add to this that i love coffee shops.  they are just so cute.  i like starbucks, it's great and all, but it's so gosh darn overpriced (hello college student budget..), plus lexington has some really cute shops!  i may have coffee on the brain because i'm about to go get coffee with a friend at the lovely common grounds, AND i haven't had any coffee all day (this is impressive if you know me...)

regardless, i am happy we have coffee!  off to go try some fabulous, caffeine filled, cup of sweet goodness!

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