Friday, January 14, 2011


i have a daughter.
she is precious and has been in my life for 3 years.  she is 7  and she lives in uganda.
she is my little compassion child, but honestly, i see her more as my daughter than anything.

allow me to tell you a little bit about compassion :)

compassion is an organization for child sponsorship.  basically, for $38 a month, a person covers a child's food, education, health, spiritual needs.  each child is individually matched up with a sponsor who gets to communicate and get to know the child through letters.  you get to hear about who the child lives with, activities they enjoy, learn about their hopes and dreams, and occasionally, you get updated with a picture.  you can also send letters and pictures, as well as money on birthday's and christmas's for people who work with compassion (they use local churches.. how cool?) to buy things the child needs... school supplies, uniforms or clothes, and a few fun items.

my daughter is beautiful.  i'm partial, but look at her :)  she just has a smile that lights up her whole face.  she is also so smart.  she wants to be a nurse and help people.  her english and handwriting has gotten so good and i love the letters she writes me!  (let me add her favorite activity is dodgeball... this is when i knew we were perfect for each other)  she also includes her favorite bible verses and what she's learning in bible school, and it's so encouraging to see that this little girl who lives in a war-torn country sees God in every day things.

if you've ever thought about sponsoring a child, please visit or ask me if you have any questions.  it's basically the greatest organization ever, and they are doing amazing things for the children of the world who have been lost and forgotten.  it's easy to see Christ in all of their beautiful little faces! 

'releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name'

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