Sunday, October 14, 2012

{weekend update}

this has been a fabulous weekend...

for starters, weather was PERFECT!  sunny, warm with a cool breeze... perfect day for...

ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!  ian and i weren't sure if we were going to do them, because my best friend and her husband hid out during the actual event and took some of my most treasured pictures, but we decided we wanted some fun ones of us that are nice, but not 'i'm in the white dress, he's in a suit' deal.  like nice, but still our normal selves.

katie and brad graciously told us they'd do pictures for us, and the pair of them make one heck of a team!  katie is super creative when it comes to shots and came up with a picnic idea, and brad is an excellent photographer who worked so hard to make every shot perfect.  it turned out so fun!  it was a good excuse for me to make a pie and buy some pretty flowers.  we played in a field of dry corn, and walked around campus.  the pictures are so perfect and i'm so thankful for such talented friends!
saturday night we had some friends over and watched the craziest documentary called 'grizzly man' about a guy who went and tried to befriend the grizzlies (which he did for about 12 years, but then, the inventible happened.... they're bears...) CRAZY! (it's on netflix... go watch...)

today, i marked a 'real woman' task off my list of roasting a whole chicken.  verdict is still out as it's in the oven, but my house smells like deliciousness.

so thankful for good friends, for a man i love dearly, for fabulous weather, and for weekends full of reminders of how much God loves us :)

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