Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{not for the weak}

if you have a weak stomach. stop here. this post is not for you.

it is 11:30, i have worked 2 jobs today, and i am tired, so this will be short and to the point.

my life is never dull.

today, i had a little friend sneeze. this was not an ordinary sneeze. it was one that propelled thick, yellow snot that must have been stored in the depths of his brain, because it came out in a long string that came past his chin, past his collar bone, stopping somewhere between his belly button and chest. my little friend proceeded to suck this long (double) strand of snot right back up where it came from in one great snort.

one can only be impressed with that.

between the number of sick kids out, and sick kids that SHOULD be out, i need a snow day tomorrow.

so tonight, i beg you to do a snow dance, throw a ice cube over your shoulder out your door, and sleep with your pj's inside out and backward.
think of me. think of all the poor teachers stuck with sick, cranky kids.

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