Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Only A Grad Student in Com Disorders...}

2 posts in 1 day... crazy, i know, but i think it's cool so i'm doing it :)

this story begins long ago in my first semester in the communication disorders program... i began discovering strange things about myself that i would never have discovered if i had not been in school for speech therapy.

first, while sitting in class one day talking about oral mech exams (basically just to make sure your normal and are capable of normal speech) my teacher started talking about this bump some people get in their hard palate called "rugae". this surprised me as being abnormal, since i have a bump on the roof of my mouth. sure enough, i am one of the lucky few to have this abnormality in the roof of my mouth which my mother (the speech teacher) failed to ever point out to me. thanks ma!
then, in audiology one day, we were learning how to test hearing. my group started laughing while testing me, and told me to stop messing around and just raise my hand. the problem was, i wasn't actually hearing any noise. diagnosis 2? low frequency hearing loss
then again in audiology, i discovered i have the ear canals of a child, but for some reason, i don't have a lot of ear infections (so at least that's good!)

finally, my newest diagnosis came today. i went to get a FEES (fiberoptic endoscope evaluation of swallowing) done. turns out i have way narrow nasal passages and my vocal folds don't come together... this is bad, as that usually makes one very breathy sounding, but for some reason, my voice is normal.

who knew!?

{sorry if you're not into speech stuff... this post is way speech related, but hey! that's what i'm in grad school for, right!?}

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