Wednesday, February 2, 2011


what are your dreams in life?

i don't know why this is crossing my mind now, but it is, so that's what i'm writing about.

a couple years ago at church, we were talking about having one month to live (it was based off a book) and just living by faith, burying your fears, and having big dreams.

we were encouraged to work on a bucket list...
i've always loved this idea.  a list of things you want to do before you die.  some are big things, some are little things, and some things will take a full lifetime to accomplish.
here's a few:
go to africa
learn ASL
sky dive
go on a hot air balloon ride
see a volcano go off
spend a night on the streets
adopt a dog

over the summer, my daddy came to lexington and we got to mark off one of my items; go on a hot air balloon ride!

our balloon high over lexington
me and my pops
like i said... i have no idea why this is crossing my mind today.  maybe it's the fact that today's been slightly stressful with my car in the shop and trying to get school stuff together and this is my escape, or it's just something i'm supposed to think about; dreaming big.

whatever it is, i don't want to ever stop dreaming.  i want to have big dreams and work to achieve them.

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