Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{gettin crafty}

it's been a crafty sort of wednesday!  the rain and cold is gross (i would know... ian and i went running in it this morning... (i'll pause here so you can let our dedication sink in... ok... it wasn't the furthest of runs, so pause can be over...)) SO i got crafty (more on this later)! 

FIRST, myself and some others are going to be doing relay for life in honor of our friend, ryan.  we want to raise as much money as possible for the american cancer society to find a cure to cancer.  so first off, if you want to just support our team, here's our site! relay for life- eku communication disorders  

SECOND, back to the getting crafty... i've decided to raise money by selling hair accessories!  these are all the ones i've made so far... if you want one, they're $5 each and since most of the people that read this are in richmond or lexington, i can meet you somewhere if you want one.  if you're further away and want it shipped, i'll have to add some $ on for shipping (it's for charity ppl!)  

so if you want one, leave a comment with a description and i'll save it for you :)  otherwise, it'll be up for grabs at either the walk or at some later point when i get a good idea on how to sell them :)

thanks friends!

p.s. the quarter is just for a broad idea of how big it is... none are huge, but if you want a big one, i can make you one!
-all clips are either alligator clips (most) or bobby pins (just this one and the twisted fabric one from the same fabric)


  1. Yes please! I will take one... I like the purple one that you posted (of course) 6th from the bottom. And you can give it to me Saturday when we FINALLY hang out :)

  2. Hi Kellie - I work with Katie and love your flowers (and hers ;-) I'd love to purchase a flower pin to support your cause. My favorite is the 4th from the top - burgundy but without the feathers. The second from the top is similar and I like it with the felt leaves, so maybe could you make one like the burgundy one with felt leaves??
    Thanks so much!


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