Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{back to the grind}

oh break... lovely break... how i miss thee!

it's true.  breaks come to an end.  this one was fabulous :)

this week, ian's gone on break off to nashville to do clean-up from the flooding.  tonight would usually be one of our nights to hang out, BUT he's gone, so i had to find some ways to entertain myself.

here's how:

ever heard of amish friendship bread?  basically, it's bread that you get as a starter from a friend, mix it over 10 days, then split the batter, giving some to friends (hence the 'friendship bread') and then add some other ingredients and make bread!

starter... 10 days to go!
then you add some other ingredients...

side note... it smells.  it's been fermenting for the past 10 days, and i won't lie, it smells like i've had a brewery in my house
in the pan, ready to go!

all finished!!!  and it's actually pretty good- not too sweet, which i like

on a completely different note, none of my clients came today.  not so well-known story... when i first started doing therapy, i had approximately 4 clients and 5 sessions.  considering all of that came in just one semester, i may have gotten the record at eku for most clients in a semester.  i'm afraid i'm continuing that streak.  we'll see... 

glad tomorrow's wednesday!  work, then no school, i get to see my munchkins, and have a nice, relaxing day :)

*i have 3 bags of the bread starter, so if you want one, let me know!

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