Thursday, March 17, 2011

{st patrick's day}

happy st. patrick's day, all!

hope you wore your green so you didn't get pinched!

in honor of the day (and b/c i had time to be crafty yesterday) i made a fun little hair thing... sadly,  i don't know how often i can get away with wearing a clover in my hair...

today was a super good day... #1. therapy finally went well!  it's been a rough few weeks... i needed a good session.
#2. the weather was PERFECT!  it could stay like this every day and i'd be ok with it.  cool enough i don't sweat my bum off, but warm enough i can wear a t shirt and shorts!  sunny with a few clouds and a light breeze.  heaven.
#3.  MARCH MADNESS!  maybe my favorite part of the year.  it's awesome
morehead took down louisville poor louisville and UK squeaked by with a win over princeton.  not pretty, but a win is a win!
#4. fayette county is off school tomorrow, which means i get to sleep in!!!!  i don't have to set an alarm or wake up at 6... how awesome is that!?

now off to watch more lovely basketball... here's to hoping my bracket holds up!

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