Monday, March 28, 2011


so, raise your hand if you're a blog slacker... oh... that's me.

well, life's crazy, sometimes things get pushed to the back burner, and the past few days, that's been the blog.

let's talk about this weekend, shall we?

i'll begin with friday.  if you're not a uk fan, you can't read this blog (jokes, but if you're not, time to start considering it...) friday was the fight for the elite 8 against the dreaded osu.  being from columbus, i was raised in buckeye country, but i am not, i repeat, i am NOT a buckeye.  my parents went to ou, so i was raised a bobcat.  osu came into this tournament ranked #1 and picked by many to win the tournament.

funny how the rankings have worked out this march madness!

i love my boys and they did an amazing job.  the game was so exciting, and the cats pulled it out!  i've never been more nervous watching uk basketball
love me some jorts... way to take down sullinger
saturday was ian's birthday!  he's 25... a quarter of a century old :)  i woke up early to bake a pecan pie... my first attempt at one.  i was pretty happy how it turned out!
artsy close-up shot...
i think it turned out ok!

 the day was spent walking around joseph beth's and watching march madness... not a bad way to spend a day!  we finished the night with some super awesome midnight bowling!  i'm terrible, but ian proved he can be good at everything... the boy bowled 5 strikes in a row... birthday luck ;)
please ignore my score... he broke 200!

me and the birthday boy!
sunday was a great church service at southland all about the woman who used her expensive perfume on jesus before his death.  it was a really interesting perspective about worshipping lavishly and the beauty of jesus' love for people... then off to nicholasville for a birthday lunch with ian's family.  the food was amazing and it was so fun to hang out and watch kansas get taken down by little ol VCU!  craaaazy!

THEN off to pazzo's to watch the UK vs UNC game with friends.  heeeeeeecky yes!  guess who's going to the final 4!  first time since '98, and my first time to witness anything like this since being a uk fan.  campus was NUTS.  people EVERYWHERE!  we hung out around euclid and woodland for a while... it was great.  couches burnt, people went nuts, horns everywhere, cheering endlessly... i love being a wildcat!

talk about a great weekend... one of the best ones i've had in a long, long time :)

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