Sunday, March 6, 2011


one of the greatest things about still being a college student is breaks.

i get spring break, i get fall break, i get winter break... it's great.  i'm aware that in the real-world, there is no such thing as spring break anymore.

it's such a great time to relax and NOT think about school.

this weekend has been great for that- i know i get weekends even in the school year, but so often, they're consumed with studying or doing homework, that it's nice to just be able to relax and enjoy life without the stress of trying to be a good student.

friday night was a uk gymastics meet.

i convinced ian to come with me, and brian brought my little clairebear :)  she loved it... it's hilarious, she's so girly.  she loves to twirl, she loves dolls (her favorite is a john wesley doll... i'm not kidding at all... it exists ) and she absolutely loved the vault.  she kept asking brian to make them do it again.
not the greatest picture... we were in action ;)

saturday was a full day with the boy- he came over and we made brunch... waffles, bacon, eggs... the works!  and it was beyond delicious.  then we went to the y in an attempt to play basketball.  ended up being little kid championships, so while they were adorable, we didn't get to play much.  we determined i'm NOT making uk's team anytime soon as many of the little kids shot better than me, but we had fun anyway.  then was dinner and "the town".  if you haven't seen it... really good movie.  i stayed awake, so you know it's good (if you don't know, i fall asleep during almost every movie.  it's a curse that's been passed down from generation to generation in the crook family...)

i love that it's just the first weekend of being on break.  i don't have a lot planned, but i honestly like it better that way!

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