Thursday, March 10, 2011

{fun mail}

i love getting fun mail!  mail is a lost art... my mama likes to send cards and fun things like that which is super awesome to get :)

compassion international is also super awesome about sending me fun mail!  in the past few weeks they've sent me the coolest calendar, a travel mug, a book, and today, a scrapbook for my compassion child, but more importantly, they send me these little letters written by a sweet 7 year old in uganda!

a few weeks ago, i worked an event in wilmore, and it turned out that 3 of the people who actually work for compassion (compassion is like 80-90% run by volunteers) came.  it was really fun to get the opportunity to talk to them about the logistics of compassion and just talk about a really great organization. one of the women noticed my book i have with letters and pictures my compassion child, esther, has sent me over the years and told me she'd send me a scrapbook that compassion designed for such things!

i know i've blogged about compassion before, but i'm just in awe of them as an organization.  what they do for kids around the world is amazing... just recently, one of the compassion graduates was elected to the senate of uganda!  how cool is that?  check it out here.  it's so crazy to think that all the way over in uganda, i get to help a little girl go to school and become whatever she wants to be, and without her even knowing, she's giving me a glimpse of how God sees us... as His kids who he wants to see grow up and be examples of Him for the world to see.  i know my esther is going to do amazing things in uganda :)

if you want more info on compassion, message me or go here :)  for real... consider it... these kids will change your life...

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