Sunday, March 20, 2011

{if you don't laugh, you'll cry}

how true is that with my car... i love my car dearly... i blog about my car frequently.  i consider all of this like a rental house... it's where you learn how to do things in hopes that when you have a real house of your own, you're more self-sufficient.  i keep trying to convince myself of this with brownie.  surely, the next car will NOT have these problems.

the most recent?

water.  in the trunk.  everywhere.

i've been smelling some water, but just figured it was because i left a window cracked during the storm the other day.  and when i mean cracked, i mean a slight, slight crack, so i was confused why it still smelled like water.
imagine this, but worse (in the heat of the moment, the last thing i wanted to do was grab my camera and take a picture... )  it was wet, dirty, muddy... disgusting basically

the boyfriend came to the rescue with some caulk, so hopefully brownie is fixed, and if not, more investigative work is to follow...

on a happier note, i finally saw the king's speech!
i loved it!  it was such a good depiction of the kind of speech therapist i want to be... especially since it was fluency!  i've loved working with my fluency client and being able to see the change in him, and made me so excited for the future (or at least one of the potential futures!).  i would love to become a fluency specialist and help people realize that they are more than their stutter.  if you haven't seen it, i HIGHLY recommend it.  it will definitely be one of the movies i buy when it comes out on dvd.

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