Friday, March 11, 2011

{it's not even noon}

today is crazy.

it's not even noon.

SO!  tuesday i kind of noticed brownie had a little creak to her.  she's old.  it was raining.  it was cold.  i equated it to arthritis.  this morning, same deal... until i left work... it sounded as if my car wanted to break in half.

i cried, called my mechanic, and made the dreadful trip to nicholasville.  add to this that just what... 3 weeks ago?  my car got a new axel, wheel joints, and wheel bearings, i was slightly aggravated.  and frustrated.  and tearful.   essentially, i was a mess, and i think i scared the sweet older man who took a look at my car.  45 minutes later, after many prayers and a few more teary text messages to very sweet people, i heard the door open.  the mechanic said "i put some grease on that joint, you're good to go".  i honestly made him repeat it.  i didn't believe it.  brownie doesn't have simple, free fixes.   we go for the big guns and do things like, oh, have our transmission go out?  have a distributor go out?  have an axel need replaced.

i could have kissed my car.

they had me drive around the property surrounding the mechanic for about 10 minutes to make sure it fixed, it did, and i headed home.

i pull up... there's a letter taped to my door.  that's strange.  naturally, i open it, and oh, it's a letter from an attorney about our house.  apparently some stuff's hit the fan with the bank, so now my rent checks DON'T go to my landlord, but to the bank.  this could get exciting.  just what i need- more excitement in my life!

on the upper hand of all of this, HELLO ADULTHOOD!  today i feel super adult and i'm not sure if that's good or bad, but i'm learning to handle so many wonderful situations!

and i'm doing it all before noon.

be impressed (and can i tell this story to future employers to show how responsible and proactive i am?  someone tell me yes...)

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