Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{the art of procrastination}

while the title may seem to focus on procrastination.... nayyyy i tell you!  it's about ART!

ok, maybe a little bit about procrastination.

sooo while on facebook one day (procrastination #1), i noticed a friend posted a video about water marbling for your nails.  i thought, hmmm, that's interesting!  later, she posted a picture of her super cool nails!  i showed a few girls in the workroom, and it was decided, we should do this (procrastination #2).

tuesday was the day.  with a large break and feeling all fanciful because of the spring air, the lovely ms. andrea and i brought about 10 bottles of nail polish, set ourselves up in the workroom, and got busy.

my fellow procrastinator

it took us a few tries, lots of tape and nail polish remover, and a few good laughs about how horrible our fingers looked at first.... BUT:

kinda cool, right!?!?!?  we decided this is not the last of our marbling... more colors, more combinations, it's fine- we're super cool.

add to that that yesterday was BEAUTIFUL outside.  warm, sunny, slight breeze... i was in love.  if it could stay like that every day, i would be in heaven!  

add more to that that i got out of class and had a homemade, delicious dinner made for me by the boy!  steak, veggies and rice.  soooo good.  and the cherry on top was a walk around lexington because summer nights are the most amazing thing ever.

today i went to observe a modified barium swallow study and daaaaang it was cool!  i was impressed with how much i've learned in class and could actually apply to what i was watching!  i had to wait... oh... 2 hours? to observe it, but i guess that's life in a hospital!

it's been a great few days :)

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