Friday, April 1, 2011

{when grad school makes you crazy}

crazy is a funny word.  crazy can be bad, but crazy can also be good.

yesterday's crazy was a good crazy :)

my day just started off on the right foot... sometimes God just knows what i need in life so much better than i do (ok, like all the time...) and yesterday was a testament to that.  i needed my day to start off that way.

work was funny.  i love middle schoolers.  they're at such an awkward age.  but the best part is, they have NO idea.  one of my kids told me "miss kellie, don't get too close, i forgot to brush my teeth".  i mean really?  who has time to put on lip gloss and sparkly shoes and a skirt, but doesn't remember to brush their teeth, then tells me about it?  oh yes... my middle schoolers.

therapy was awesome.  i needed a good session, and it was amazing.  i felt like i connected to my client and we made huge progress, and that just is awesome to see!

my classmates at eastern are simply hilarious.  grad school is hard.  there's no getting around that, and it's supposed to be hard... i know this... still, hard isn't always fun.  we make it our goal to change that.  yesterday was deemed "high school ghetto days".  Confession time... in high school, i wanted to be so ghetto.  i'm super white. (please note that my lovely roommate, dupps was also ghetto, and this is one of the things i love about her... also she's super crafty, so you should check out her blog too!)  ANYWAYS.  so we busted out rap music from way back when and may or may not have had a dance party in the workroom that may or may not have found its way out into the hallway.  i have classmates that can bust a move, and i'm so glad we simply have FUN together!  school is hard enough without not getting along, and i love my eku family.  we are there for each other, love each other, and aren't afraid to break it down with each other.

if you're ever in richmond, you should come meet everyone- they're super awesome.

finally, my night at school ended, and i headed to csf to hear jon weece talk.  he's the pastor of southland, and just an amazing man with a heart for people.  on the way there, i got a call from my favorite munchkin asking me if i would be at csf.  so i got to hear jon weece, i got to hang out with world's cutest 3 year old AND *wait for it* the night ended with free orange leaf.  which shameless plug, if you haven't tried orange leaf, you TOTALLY NEED TO! orange leaf was brought to lexington by some guys i know, and it's amazing.  self-serve frozen yogurt with every topping imaginable.  if you go, try the pineapple-coconut.  fabulous.

i am so blessed!  and life is crazy in a good way :)

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