Saturday, March 19, 2011

{keepin busy}

uk's spring break is always an interesting week for me...

because i live in lex, the city kinda dies when everyone leaves.  i've found ways to keep myself busy... i've had a project to finish and school keeps me pretty busy, but i've had to be creative this weekend especially.

one way is hanging out with my 2 favorite kids.  they're hilarious and adorable and sweet, and they just melt my heart
sweetest, happiest boy EVER

my munchkin... note the hair in a ponytail... that thing was bribed into existence by a back rub.  isn't she cute!?
kids are my favorite, and these 2... goodness.  saturday we had a dance party, played with princesses and trains, watched some basketball and laughed a TON.  i love their innocence and joy of simple things... it's contagious and just makes my soul happy!

add to the happiness... UK's going to the sweet 16 (thanks ashley!  i got super excited there for a minute and forgot my numbers ;))!  i cannot WAIT to play osu, and i sincerely hope we kill them.  i may be from columbus, but i'm not a buckeye.  the cats played hard and beat west virginia who knocked us out of the tournament last year.  winning is always good (unless you're charlie sheen, and then #winning is actually losing...)

finally, the boy is coming home tonight!  i'm excited to hang out and hear all about spring break :)

p.s.  i'm making and selling hair accessories and coffee cozies to raise money for the american cancer society's relay for life... if anyone has a connection to a craft store or has fabric, buttons, beads, ribbon, etc lying around, mind letting me know? thanks!

enjoy this beautiful weather and the rest of your weekend :)


  1. sweet sixteen (not elite 8) my love. But hopefully we'll be there! :)

  2. hahahaha... i got overly excited there for a minute.... OOPS! thanks :)


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