Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{continued joys of breaks!}

ahhhh  i'm still relishing in the fact i'm on break.

yesterday was great.  i went to work, then went to ian's.  he took the day off, and we got to hang out (which is awesome since he's leaving for csf's spring break trip to nashville on sunday!)  we went to the arboretum and walked around, made pad thai, which aside from my poor choice in chicken (i accidentally got dark meat... gross...) was SUPER good, and finished our night by going to southland's night of worship.  laid back and wonderful... my kind of day!

today was just as good... i went to work and am on day 3 of our risk game
yeah, i'm green... controlling 3 capitals. it's fine ;)
i got to take a nap, which i LOVE.  naps are the best.  i don't know why i didn't think so as much when i was a little kid... i'd gladly trade 3 year olds for their naps now!  i sat in my favorite chair and read with a good cup of coffee, then went to the craft store to use a gift card i've had for a while now and made these! 
hmmm purple, my favorite color?  how'd you guess...
Finally, my new pair of glasses came today!  i got them from and they were FREE!  yes.. free... i paid for shipping.  they're just slightly off my prescription (i don't think i measured my pupils right... darn pupils), but for free, they're kinda fun :)  not an every-day kind of pair, and i still like my other glasses better, but FREE!  i love free...
 2 more days of break... we'll see what other things i can find to entertain myself!

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