Sunday, March 13, 2011

{bleeding blue}

in kentucky, uk basketball runs deep through veins.

we bleed blue.

people have followed uk basketball from the time they could understand what basketball is (and some didn't even have a choice from the time they were born...)

i am not a kentucky native, BUT i have always been a wildcat, and i do truly bleed blue.

the wildcats are my team and college basketball makes my heart beat a little faster.  i love march madness.  it's college basketball at it's finest.  it's when teams  really learn what competition is and the anxiousness of being finished is in the air.

march madness also makes me want to fulfill my desire to become a coach.  do i know a ton about basketball?  of course not.  i am far too short to ever be any good at basketball, and sports with my feet have always been my forte.  i can't play baseball, tennis, basketball, volleyball.  still... i love basketball.  i love the strength and beauty of a jumpshot and the accuracy of a good 3.  i hate bad defense and missed rebounds and bad passes.

this leads me to a desire to coach.  kentucky over the past few years has been notorious for the "middle school player" as i so lovingly refer to them as.  demarcus cousins... terrance jones... great players, but middle schoolers.  have you seen their faces?  have you seen some of the plays they pull?  i want to make them sit in a chair, look up at me, and have a little chat about the choices they've made and how they're going to fix them (and eye rolling and huffy faces have no effect on me).  i love working with my middle schoolers, and it's only given me credibility and talent to actually coach these boys.

dear coach cal.  give me the chance to work with your next middle school player!  you know you'll get one... some young man who needs a little growing up.  they can be my personal project!  (if anyone knows cal, feel free to pass this along.. i'm sure he's looking for another assistant coach!)

let's go cats!

*edit* following this post, uk beat florida and won their 27th sec title :)  loved it... they played like a team and not a young team.  their training is finally paying off!  keep it up, boys... keep it up!

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