Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i've been in a bit of a funk the past few days... i'm not sure why, and i don't like it.

i like to be fun and full of joy, and the past few days, i've just felt drained.

i needed today.  i got the opportunity to go to asbury's campus with compassion.  i wrote a post about my compassion child, esther not too long ago if you want more info on compassion!  craig gross (he's the pastor of xxxchurch... super cool guy and organization to check out!) was speaking and made a plug for compassion, so i went and worked a booth hoping to get kids sponsored.

i was blown away.  70 kids got sponsored today.  that's 70 kids who don't have to worry about going to bed hungry, or how they're going to get shoes to go to school, or what happens if they get sick.  that's not stuff kids should have to worry about, and living in america, we take that for granted so much... it was just so encouraging to see college students care so much and want to take care of kids, even on a limited budget.

after all that, i came home and had a new letter AND picture from my sweet esther.  she's moved up in school and is doing so well... she's in the top of her class and is just so precious :)  and beautiful... she keeps growing up and i can't take it!

finally, i got the opportunity to go have dinner with some of compassion's head-ups.  they're just awesome people.  they wanted input on what they're doing well, what they can help us with, what they need to work on... i like that even though i'm easily the youngest person most of the time, they genuinely desire my input.  i don't feel like a college student, i feel like a real person with real ideas who they care about and want to invest in.  it's just such a neat organization and although i'm just a volunteer, i feel like such a part of it, and i'm so blessed :)

i needed today... i needed a reminder of how big God is and how much He cares about His people.  the sun was shining, i got a letter from my little girl, and i got to have dinner with some truly inspiring people :)  it was a busy day, but one that rekindles the spirit

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