Sunday, February 27, 2011

{enjoying weekends}

i love the weekends...

this one has not failed me :)

friday night was not super exciting, but i caught up on laundry.  hallelujah!  i have this problem of getting backed up on laundry... #1. i was out of laundry detergent (major fail when you need to do laundry). #2. i have lots of roommates who all need to do laundry (shocker right?), and considering #1, i wasn't too much competition for the washer.  #3. i really hate putting away laundry.  i love DOING laundry.  it smells good and it's warm when to comes out of the dryer, i love my fabric softener and it literally calms me down, and the act of folding clothes is therapeutic (i know, i'm weird)

all that to say i finally got detergent and i finally did laundry... lots and lots of it.  i also fell asleep at 11 on friday which was fabulous as i've been SUPER sleep deprived all week.

saturday i woke up to the beautiful sun shining through my window and birds chirping.  ian and i walked to ramsey's for brunch (who wouldn't love walking to lunch!?) and then, being the amazing boyfriend he is, went to see harry potter with me!  i know i know... the movie came out months ago, but it's now at the dollar theater which = affordable date.  then a uk game with a win finally, followed by a girls' night.

when i think of a really good weekend, this was it :)  i have missed the sun, i have missed being able to be outside, i have missed going on walks with ian, i have missed being able to catch up with the girls.

*add to that i just heard thunder... i'm not the biggest rain fan, but i LOVE thunderstorms :)  hello sunday nap!

Psalm 107:1

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