Thursday, February 3, 2011

{little things}

the past few days have been more stressful than usual.

we're coming up on the first round of tests (advanced voice and dysphagia... not the easiest of subjects!), my car went to the shop, and i now have two therapy clients: a sweet little girl who's non-verbal and we're implementing an augmentative communication device called PECS and a fluency client, so while i love doing the therapy, my plate at school is only a little full.

add to this i haven't gotten a lot of sleep the past few nights, some my fault, some thanks to the weather we've been having lately.

all of that kind of has been taking a tole on me, and that makes me frustrated with myself because i like to control things :)

i woke up this morning with just less joy than usual.  i usually wake up pretty well even though it's 5:50 in the morning and i may not the happiest, but i'm fairly excited for the day, but just not today.

it's days like today that i realize how much i appreciate little things in life.

i had one of the nicest messages in my inbox when i woke up and it just turned the feeling of tiredness to just putting a smile on my face.

then i get to richmond and find out my client cancelled.  BUT there was free starbucks on powell corner (hallelujah i get coffee!) AND i got all of my clinic paperwork done for the week.

add to the fact that last night at bible study we just had a fun time hanging out together and played just dance (my roommate took several videos, and the boys' dancing would put a smile on anyones face, so if i find it, i'll post it on here!!!)

i'm a simple girl.  it's just the little things in life that make me smile, and today, i'm thankful for that.  even on the roughest days, i have great people in my life and an amazing God who find ways to make me realize that my life is totally and completely blessed.  thank you to all of you who make me smile :)

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