Saturday, February 5, 2011


the last few weeks i've been reading through romans.

it's easily one of my favorite books in the bible because of how much is packed into it.  it's one of the books i go to and get new things out of each time i read it, and it often is one of the ways God gives me things i need to hear.

i just finished romans 15 and read this:

may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

not only is it an encouraging verse, but it's also a challenge when you think about it.

it's encouraging that i don't have to do anything- i can't.  all i can do is accept that God loves me and wants to give me the joy and the peace that i need each and every day.  it's crazy to think that the God of the universe that made each and everything cares enough to want to give me joy and peace.

i've been studying about everything that allows you to swallow today too.  just think about it.  to swallow, you don't even think.  the only time we think about swallowing is if we swallow something too big or too hot or something like that.  other than those times, it just comes naturally.  if you look more into swallowing, it is super complex (i would know... i've spent hours looking over it and it's still confusing...) and if something's not right, it can turn into a big problem really quickly.  i know it's super dorky, but the fact that i just swallowed all of my dinner while watching tv and reading and not thinking about a thing (ie peace about swallowing i guess?) is crazy.

here's the challenging part: that i may overflow with hope.

i think i often get caught up in life and my own little problems instead of overflowing with hope and joy. it's super easy for me to get stressed about school, about my car, about money, and forget that i have hope.  i mean, when i stop and think, of course i realize i have hope, but on a minute-by-minute basis, my first thoughts don't go straight to "i have hope in Christ".

i want to change my thinking.  instead of dreading going to class, i want joy in thinking 'i get to learn today... i get the opportunity to not only get an education, but i'm getting a really really good education most people will never get'.
instead of worrying about my car, i want to have hope that Christ will protect me while i drive and joy that i actually HAVE a car!  most people in the world walk miles and miles to a very low paying job.
when i'm just in a cranky mood (sorry if i've been in one lately!) i want to refocus and realize i have hope of a new day and the joy that God's blessed me with another one.

gotta love the promises and also challenges God gives us!

who knew that a combo of a whole day alone to relax, read and study would culminate in so much?

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