Wednesday, February 9, 2011


yesterday was my last day of school for a week.

that has nothing to do with my blog post today, BUT it's awesome and i'm pumped about it :)

so for the real post...

on monday, i was dumb and wore these shoes that i really like, but i'm pretty sure they soak water up through the soles.  it snowed a lot on monday, so consequently, my shoes were not just soaked, but also frozen.  if you don't know, i have this lovely syndrome called "raynaud's syndrome" which basically means my feet lose all circulation when they get cold.  cold, frozen shoes tend to make cold, frozen feet.  it was awesome *jk!*

tuesday, i get this lovely text from my dear sweet boyfriend "wear a coat and shoes that won't get wet when you come over tonight".  my thought?  jeeze, thanks dad!  i can dress myself fairly well.  then he adds "wear gloves too, we're going to be doing some walking.".  walking?  walking?  it's like -20 outside and i had big plans of relaxing after taking a big mean dysphagia exam.  so now i'm intrigued as to what in God's good name we'll be doing outside on a random tuesday night in the dead of winter.  then i get... "you might want to bring your UK id".  no way... my uk id is essentially useless beside one amazing use.  UK GAMES!

if you're not a cats fan, yesterday's game was UK vs Tennessee.  the nasty orange (i hate tennessee) team AND bruce pearl's first game back.  this is a big game to say the least.

and we had tickets :)

i'm not usually a huge fan of surprises, but this one was the best!  especially because of the aforementioned nasty dysphagia test!

oh hey john wall!  welcome back to rupp

it was such a fun surprise!  i've missed being able to go to uk games... there's nothing like being in rupp and experiencing the madness that occurs :)  oh... and we totally won.  we needed a big win, this was it, and tennessee lost!

thanks for the best surprise!!!!

wan... if you're reading this, i'm not sorry you lost :)  love you, one day we'll convert you to being a uk fan!!!!

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