Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i'm writing this with the hope spring has sprung!!!!

today is beautiful.  absolutely amazing.

if i could figure out how to add music to my blog, the song today would be "here comes the sun".

i love winter.  snow is my favorite, i turn into a 5 year old, and i love sweatshirts and sweaters and all that goodness.  with that being said, winter needs to be over!  i didn't even realize how much i have missed the sun until it came out today and i got to enjoy it :)

wednesday's are great.  i work at 7 and then i'm done.  no class, no clinic, no nothing!

i get to relax, read, and take a moment to just enjoy life.  with the craziness of my week, i like having the opportunity to rest.  it's something i've learned to treasure the older i've gotten.  i don't have to be busy at every moment of the day.

i am so thankful i got to just bask in God's goodness at the arboretum today.  it was a nice chance to just breath and soak up some rays and enjoy the peace and joy spring is bringing!

now get off the computer and enjoy the beautiful weather...

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