Monday, February 28, 2011

{surviving night class}

here's a fun fact for all you non-grads...

in grad school, they like to make you come to this thing called 'night class'

i tried to find a humorous definition on urban dictionary, but sadly, it's so lame no one has even bothered to make something funny out of it.   *side note to the CD girls... i challenge you to fix urban dictionary's lack of terms*

i sort of detest night class.  by sort of, i mean really.  mostly because my day starts at 7 am, so asking me to stay awake, stay alert, stay engaged until 9 is really testing.  add to this the class is basically a review of undergrad classes, it's rather difficult.

tonight's topic of conversation was "testing".  if you know anything about therapy, we test.  a lot.  i can make a drive-by diagnosis of a kid.  add to this i had an entire class on testing last semester, and tonight was rather disastrous.
i equated tonight with a middle school class with a substitute teacher.

it was a circus.

we had a baby in class who made sighing noises at key points when we all wanted to but would never be able to get away with it, hiccup girl was at her finest, and yes, there was a bit of chatter going around. add to that the number of people on facebook, twitter, and stumbleupon and it all equals none of us reallllly cared.

*side note #2.  please don't judge... i'm usually very studious, but tonight, none of us could do it.  we're all really good students, just very ready for spring break :) *

i'm glad i have classmates who can make things funny.  it might annoy our teachers at times (let's be honest... really it's just one.  i think the other teachers find us funny and amusing).  it takes talent to make tests that were published the year i was born funny.
just look at that beauty... (test of language competence, publishing date: 1987, be jealous)

thank you girls, for making even the dullest of dull classes amusing.

to all of you who have or will have night classes, i wish you the same!

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