Monday, February 21, 2011

{adventures of a thrifty grad student]

i like to think i'm thrifty.

i like going to find things i like, then figuring out how to make them.

i try and use coupons and scan the grocery catalogs to see who's got what the cheapest, and i try to make meals that last for a while so i can just eat off them because newsflash!  grad school is super crazy, and the combination of 3 jobs, clinic, classes, and trying to have a life, sometimes there's no time to cook.

today has been an exceptionally thrifty day.

i made soup a while ago and froze some and it is amazing STILL!  i also found some veggies cheap at meijer, so for the past 3 days, i've eaten a whole lot of asparagus.  if you take it, put some olive oil, salt and lemon and put it in the oven for like 3 minutes, it is sooooo good :)

here's my favorite thrifty move of the day... i have this teacher... she likes to make us buy books we never use, so i didn't buy them this semester.  (add to that she just picks the most expensive books!) so we didn't have class tonight, but she assigned us a review.... hmmm how am i going to review a book i never bought?  enter amazon's lovely "look inside" feature.  guess who found pages 1-70 of said book.  that's right.  i wrote my 1 page reflection solely because of

this is only setting me up to be even thriftier later on in life, right?  let's hope so, because there's kind of a nice thrill i get from this :)


  1. that's awesome and hilarious Kellie!

  2. i love it. seriously. i think i MAY know what teacher you're talking about ;) i miss your face!!!


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