Sunday, February 20, 2011


it's been a long time since my last post!  guess this is when the real adventures of grad school kick in and i suddenly just find myself too busy/exhausted to do anything!

here's a quick update... brownie went back to the shop AGAIN.  new wheel bearings.  ugh.  but she's running wonderfully now!  pray that the mechanic doesn't seem me again for a really nice long time...

i started my new job!  this brings me up to 3 part-time jobs: the y, teaching violin lessons, and now working as a transcriptionist for EKU (basically i type up lectures and stuff)!  this alone makes me slightly crazy, but after all lexington's lovely snow days (which i don't get paid for), i needed a little extra work

friday night, i convinced ian to come along babysitting with me.  i got to hang out with my 2 favorite munchkins and it was great :)  caleb impressed everyone with his basketball abilities- the kid's really good for being only a year and a half!  he can shoot and do a jump shot and it's super super cute.  he gets so proud of himself when he makes it too.  claire is my little goof ball... we showed ian the "imagination movers" dance (it's pretty impressive), played with the doll house, and then it was bed time... and it was an ordeal!  caleb was super easy.  he points at his crib.  kid's amazing.  claire on the other hand likes a little extra attention.  we put on pj's, brushed teeth, said our prayers, and then read the 2 longest books the kid could find.  *add to this she had the hiccups and thought every time she hiccuped it was the best thing ever and laughed hysterically*  we got up to leave and she called out "aunt kellie, rub my back" so i did "1 more minute" so i did... i did the very thing when i was little.  "i need water" (in the saddest, most pathetic voice you've ever heard out of a 3 year old).  the kid's adorable.  i love them and it was so fun to hang out with them!

friday night ended early b/c ian and i had to wake up at 3.  yes.  that's am. to go to dance blue pancakes!
i love dance blue... it's a 24 hr dance marathon uk students do each year to raise support and awareness for the children's cancer unit at uk.  cancer has developed a new soft spot in my heart bc of ry, but even before i met him, it had gotten in there.  i did dance blue for 2 years and loved it.  you get to hang out with the kids and it's just a blast.  hard, but a blast.  so at 3 am i woke up and headed to csf to get 8 jumbo bags of pancake mix ready for serving.  5 coolers of pancake batter later, we were ready to start cooking pancakes to feed 700 dancers at 7 am.  it was awesome :)  i've never cooked more pancakes in my life (i did the same thing last year, but there weren't nearly this many dancers).  then came nap time, a walking trip to kroger with the boy to make lunch, an awesome uk game, and my favorite way to spend a night- talking with the boy....

sorry it's been so long since i've updated!  i've only been slightly busy ;)

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