Wednesday, July 25, 2012


today i called and got all the bills and my address transferred to my new place... it's almost here and i'm so excited!
i really can't wait.  there's a lot of changes, and i'm sure there will still be days that stress me out and i'll want to be back at sugar creek living with people, but for right now, all i am is excited.  i can't wait for monday, when i get to move all my things to a single bedroom apartment, decorate like a real adult, pay all my own bills, and move from a college house, to (for me) a grownup house.

i also can't wait to start working.  3, 4 and 5 year olds are my favorite.  they're so funny and full of life, and they haven't hit the stage where they're trying to be cool.  everything is new and fun.  i get to help them discover who they are and what they like and help them get excited for real school.
i'm also sure, just like the house, that at some point, i will want to be in college again, but i am legitimately excited to work (even if it means getting up super early and going to bed like an old woman).

change is coming.  i'm ready for it.  now who wants to help me move?

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