Friday, July 20, 2012

{adventures in painting}

we're growing up... how crazy is that?

2 of my good friends, who are getting married on new year's eve, are currently picking colors to decorate their future apartment.  it's going to be super cute, and i'm so excited for them!

their new living room will be navy blue, gray, and one wall will be white and blue chevrons (hello pinterest!)

well last night i went over to help do some painting.  while attempting to paint near the carpet, i had one of those ah-ha moments.  i tore off some of the cardboard from a box and fashioned a little paint-blocker.  i was pretty impressed with how it worked!  i was able to get really far down past the carpet, while avoiding the actual carpet, and it even worked as a paint drip catcher.

you actually have to wedge the cardboard into the carpet, but that's hard to take pictures of... i also feel like you could use a dust pan and it would be even more affective!

maybe this helps... i can't wait to try it on my own apartment soon!

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